There was always the light, sometimes it would leave but it would always return.

A constant cycle, its warmth awoke me, and filled the day with promise.

There was always a man, sometimes he would leave but he would always return.

A constant cycle, his touch energized me, and filled the day with purpose.

The man’s cycles grew longer, his interest shrunk smaller.

His touch eluded me and with it my purpose.

Yet, the light kept its warmth, the light kept its promise.

Until the beige structure came, it absorbed me, its four doors made of card.

Strong, resilient, like I used to be.

Now dust collects on my body, I can hardly breathe.

You once sought me out, searched for me, fought from me.

Spent days and nights waiting for me. Waiting for the mere chance of me.

Then you found me, in the structure made of blue and yellow.

Behind the deep, gray metal gate.

Past the men in blue shirts.

You picked me, You picked me amongst my brothers and sisters.

You freed me.

The light is no longer burning, the man is no longer present.

The light is gone, The man is gone

I’m no longer free, once again in a box.

A box much stronger than the one I reside, then the one you once freed me from.

The box of uselessness, the box in my mind.

Please let me go. Please free me once again.

I wish to be wiped clean. Freed of your mark.

To be new again, to be used, to be used again.

End this cycle, let my new cycle begin.

There is no longer a light, there was never a light, there is only the dark.

There is no longer a man, there was never a man, there is only the dark.

The dark is so cold.